SportsFilter feed issue

The feed… causes all kinds of NewsBlur issues. Sometimes it loads fine when I select it. Other times it errors out. Finally, other (rare) times, it either takes over the entire browser window or otherwise makes NewsBlur unresponsive.

Not a huge issue, but I thought you’d want to know.

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Haven’t tried it yet, but are you in the Original view? You probably want to be in the Feed view for that feed. In order to change to the Feed view without issue, right-click on it and change it under Site Settings. See if that helps.

I’ve never really paid attention to which view I’m in (I default to Feed view for that site), but here’s what I’m seeing right now:

  1. If I open the feed in feed view, I (sometimes) get the “Oh no there was an error” message, but the feed seems to load. For some reason, this feed sometimes seems to try to load in original view. Perhaps this is related to #2 below?

  2. If I click on an item in the feed and go to the story view (or right arrow on the item when in feed view), the story expands to fill the entire browser window and I’m no longer in Newsblur.

Thanks for checking in.