Split view is not optimal.

So I really love using split view, (on the left side), because it gives me a quick overview of all the headlines, while I can read my desired post right next to it. The problem I am having is that the date comes in the way of quickly skimming the headlines. I have to “jump” over the dates, which becomes quite irritating.
Heres what I mean:

I would very much like an option to disable the date in this view or if you were able to put the date into the end of the headline, so it wouldn’t take up a line of its own.
I made a mockup of how I would like the final result to look like. It’s the split view with same-sized headlines as the list view. Of course longer headlines would either have to cut off or go to a new line.


Considering you’re already using a custom CSS file, why not just hide the date yourself?

I’d love to do that, but I don’t have the skills/knowledge to do this. I simply use an extension called Stylish, which enables me to download skins for different sites, that other people have made.

If you are able to tell me, which line of code to add, to get the result I am looking for, i’d be very happy. Or if the option mentioned in my original post was added, i’d be happy as well :slight_smile:

Here is the source code for the skin:

If you add in this CSS, it will remove the date for you:
span.story_date.NB-hidden-fade {
display: none;

I think this is a great idea and might work on the css to make it on the same line as the feed names, and right aligned. I’d still like to see the dates, but easier scanning would definitely be nice!

I tried adding that snippet of code to the CSS, but nothing seems to change. Is it supposed to be put in at a specific spot? I tried a few random spots, but with no result.

Does this work? I don’t think it matters terribly where it goes… There’s certainly an optimal position for performance, but that’s less relevant.
span.story_date.NB-hidden-fade {
display: none!important;

No, that doesn’t work either :confused:
If you want to try it for yourself. Get this extension:

and this style

You can edit the code in the options menu of the extension.

Oh, my bad… “none” should be “hidden”.

Still no go with “hidden” instead of “none”.

Sigh. I am apparently just typing in synonyms today.
span.story_date.NB-hidden-fade {
visibility: hidden;

After placing the code in different places it worked somewhere in the middle. The date is hidden, but the height of the feed is the same as with the date present. It would be nice to have the height change with the feed, so there isn’t so much blank space. I don’t know if it is possible in the CSS or if it would have to be integrated into Newsblur.

This should do the trick. The top section is only needed if you want the titles to not wrap to a second line.

#story_titles .NB-story-title a.story_title {
white-space: nowrap;
overflow: hidden;

span.story_date.NB-hidden-fade {
visibility: hidden;
position: absolute;

Were getting closer :slight_smile: I changed the overflow to “none” instead of hidden, because it removed the feed icons. It looks better now that it doesn’t wrap the feeds to a new line, but there still is a lot of blank space.
here is how it looks now:

Weird - i took out all my other css and what I posted before works fine. Can you put your current CSS on pastebin so I can see what else might be interfering?

the code is input in line 173.

Ok, try throwing !important in there - my CSS extension seems to do that by default and yours might not be.

span.story_date.NB-hidden-fade {
visibility: hidden!important;
position: absolute!important;

It works!

Thank you so, so much!

Woo hoo!!