Specific Posts are Showing Up Again, and again...and again.

Newsblur repeatedly makes some blog post items show up repeatedly (I had one show up about 7 times today).

Specifically, I had this item:

showing up via the blendernation RSS feed over and over. It happens with many different posts though from different feeds. Usually there’s about 4-5 posts doing this on any given day.


Yeah, I’ve noticed this in the Mother Jones feed. What’s weird is that I can’t duplicate the bug, and that’s because something very fishy is happening with the way they publish the feed. A caching plugin or something, but it’s a hard bug to fix without setting up some infrastructure to capture the XML that’s supplying the duplicate stories.

4-5 posts per story could demonstrate a variety of timings, but Mother Jones feeds can have up to 6, regularly, so the timing just means that this is when the story drops off the end of the feed. I’m not sure about this one. I’ve got it written down, but it’s not able to be addresses for a few weeks.

I’ve been having the same problem, but with a post that was accidentally dated in the future: http://www.macdrifter.com/2013/09/the…

Now the date has been corrected and it doesn’t show up in other feed readers, but it’s stuck in NB.

I’ve been having this same problem for several days now. I get 3 articles with almost every fetch and just now, I have read an entire stream twice because it reloaded again after the fetch.

Sorry I don’t know how to provide some useful info to help solve the problem, but good luck!

Thanks for the hard work.

I have similar with Fail blog mostly.
I have a strong feeling that it involves me reading posts from 2 different desktops.

Same problem over here, they only went away when I manually marked that feed read. Not sure if it’s related, but just got hit with every slashdot article since 23rd for at least the second time…