Specific feed is auto opening instead of previewing in right side pane (replaces newsblur)

https://mondaynote.com/feed when selected opens that site and replaces the entire NewsBlur site. This is on Mac Chrome and it only started when they migrated their blog to Medium.

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Contact the site. They’re really scared of being inside a frame for some reason so are using javascript to redirect you to their site if their site isn’t the browser URL. (Not even the right way to do it, there are http headers that can prevent your site from even loading in a frame.)

if (window.top !== window.self) window.top.location = window.self.location.href;

Unfortunately the code is right in the html head and not a linked file so can’t simply block it.

Really nothing Newsblur can do about it. Best bet is to convince the site to drop the shenanigans ́. Could possible exist some browser extension or userscript that could prevent this, .

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While investigating your answer I realized that it only happened when view was set to “original” setting it to “feed” instead is a perfectly fine workaround.

Ah, yes, should only be a problem with the original and story views where the site is displayed.