space bar only scrolls part way?

Is there a reason the space bar only scrolls part way through the post? it would be if space brought the bottom of the text to the top of the page instead of the middle; that’s the more standard behavior in other apps where space scrolls.

[I’ll have a few other suggestions in the coming days, but overall, newsblur is terrific- thanks!]


This stems from my personal history with browsers, starting with using Lynx in the mid-90s. Hitting space bar would page between full-length pages, but the arrow keys would only page down a little. I wanted an easy way to read longer stories, but the arrow keys are already used for switching between stories.

I made space move down by approx. 250 pixels. Shift+space goes the other way. I may make it configurable when I work on the customization features in a month or two. (These customization features include custom keyboard shortcuts, moving the panes around, changing sort order, showing only unread stories, etc).

This behavior has been driving me crazy the last couple of days as I was investigating Newsblur as a replacement for Google Reader. I was trying to figure out what kind of bug it could be but didn’t realize it was supposed to be a “feature”. I would agree with the previous reply that having it be more consistent with other web apps is friendlier to your users. This and the 2 week expiry of feeds are the only two things I’ve found so far that would cause me to not want to continue to use Newsblur. Everything else looks pretty great.

Ah, interesting. My personal suggestion would be to make things consistent by dropping the custom arrow key behavior in favor of n(ext)/p(revious) keyboard shortcuts, and leaving space and arrow to behave consistently with other browser-based apps.