Sort stories by update date rather than first appearance date

Hey !

I have one problem though that seems to exist over all RSS readers so maybe its a limitation of the feed:
When an element of the feed (a message, a post, whatever) gets updated, it still appears in the feed at the date its first version was posted. So, as I order by date, if a message was updated a few days after its first post (which is normal for about a dozen of feeds I use), I won’t see this update unless I scroll all the way to the bottom of the feed.
Is there a way for the “order by date” to base itself on the update date of the message and not the creation date ?
That would be awesome !

Cheers !

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You have no idea how often stories get updated. It would drive you mad if stories re-appeared every time a difference was updated. Also, no other feed reader shows you diffs like NewsBlur.