Sort Read Stories list be date read, rather than post date?

I’d like my Read Stores list to be sorted by the date/time read, rather than by date posted. There have been a few times I’ve marked a folder as read, and lost an article by accident. Sure I can toggle the site/folder list to all, then find the site or folder and set that to all as well…but it’s a multi-step process, to reveal the read items, then hide them again.



This is a good idea, but I think it’s a bit difficult to implement because I’m not recording that information. Do other people want to see this?

(I’m working on the iPhone X version as we speak. If you saw on twitter, apple rejected my app last week because i need to have in-app payments if I’m to make mention of premium features.)

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If we were going to expand the system to support this feature I’d recommend recording / providing views on “Date Saved”, “Date Shared” and when tags were first applied. All of those views and data points would assist in later finding something I’ve lost. Time is the enemy, we must subjugate time.

Perhaps an automatically generated list beneath “Read Stories” et. al. that groups by Month?

(Sorry to hear about your “compliance” woes. It is unequivocally the worst part of developing for iOS.)

I did see your tweet on the IAP topic. I had no idea that was a requirement; what a pain. Tho hopefully it will convert more regular users in the long run.