SOOOO Many problems with this app

As I cycle thru stories (I have about 300 sites I read) I can read about 20 stories before it LAGS hard before going to the next story. If I try to read everything I get the same problem. Over and over again. No integration with google (an easier way to email stories or +1), slow response time, missing stories. I’m almost upset I paid for a year subscription. I probably won’t be another yearly subscriber. Great idea, poorly executed.


What browser/OS are you on? The problems you’re describing should not be happening. They certainly don’t for me, and I use Safari/Chrome/Firefox on a older laptop (2009).

And don’t forget that I am constantly looking for bugs and fixing them. The experience on NewsBlur should be, and generally is, quite positive.

By the way, 300 sites is totally fine. But I’m working on a Backbone branch as we speak that will make the front-end much faster. I personally have 200 and everything is quite snappy. Also try out the new social branch, which has about 2 months of upgrades and changes wrapped up in it:

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Are you using any browser extensions? Those could be interacting with the page in some way, causing the slowdown.

No problem here with 307 sites.

the new social branch, which has about 2 months of upgrades and changes wrapped up in it:
…now I’m just waiting for my invitation!

PS: Only 88 sites without real problems…
I used Goodbits too (very good too) and I tried to move back to Google for a day but the difference is getting big in favor of Newsblur (in spite of that so many people write extensions etc. for Google Reader)!!!

Well, glad everyone else is having a fine time but that doesn’t help with the issues. But thanks for taking the time to “comment”.

I’m using Chrome AND Firefox and get the same problems with both. I dont use alot of extensions. If I start filtering thru stories it gets stuck after about 20 - 30 stories and it takes repeated hitting of the “Next unread” button to make it filter in new stories BUT that only works one to two times before it freezes. This happens all the time. It doesn’t make for a pleasant experience. If you need more info then please, let me know

I agree, this happens to me too most of the time.

Also,most of the times I wish to see the unread items,

Say I have 100 unread items, I read 80 of them and close newsblur.

When I come back, I will have to click on go to next unread which will scroll down the 80 read items.

But I wish I could start from the 81st item. i.e. it should be the default behavior.

And also, try TechCruch feed on regular newblur and dev.newblur. Its make my browser extremely slow!! Some times I fear opening some feeds from newblur as it makes my browser hang!

Sorry to hear you’re having problems. I’m pretty sure it’s not the site count since I have between 500 and 600 feeds I follow at any time and I don’t have any issues.

Also never had any missing stories…strange. Wonder if it could be the particular feeds themselves.

As for Google, I actually prefer the lack of integration there. I left Google Reader after years of being a very avid user because I haven’t been pleased with Google’s direction in general, particularly its attempt to corral me into the social channel it chooses. That said, when I was still overlapping, I would just right-click to open the story in a new tab, then use the Google bar to share the link.

Again, sorry to hear about the problems. After looking very seriously at this question, I’m convinced NewsBlur is the only serious cross-platform alternative to Google if you care about RSS as opposed to just pretty pictures (which it sounds like you do). I hope we can figure out what’s happening and make NewsBlur an even better alternative.

I have a rather substantial re-write of the front-end going all this week. This should effectively fix many, many front-end issues (although it will probably introduce a whole bunch of new ones). But the re-write is using Backbone.js, so many issues will be far easier to fix.

As for the Next Unread behavior, I just committed a large fix for it, but only on the social branch. You’ll just have to use if you want the latest code. I’m going to launch it within the next few weeks, and the Backbone rewrite immediately afterwards.

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Looking forward for more awesome features in newblur!

newsblur is awesome and I am sticking to it (quit reader last yr) and it is purely cross platform. But as every new product is, not perfect. But that does not mean we (users) will start hating it. We would love to see this product mature and work even better for us.

I have a rather substantial announcement to make in terms of sustainability and growth. I’ll be making it when I launch social publicly. But expect to see a lot more development very soon.

I too have had issues were somedays it works fine, others I just have to give up and try again later. Often the Shift+A seems to clear one feed and let me continue. I’ve only got about 80 feeds.
In general I like newsblur having come from Google reader, but these hiccups do make me continue to look around, but this thread gives me hope that all will be smooth soon.
Thanks for the updates here.