Something odd going on with Boing Boing lead image selection

Seems like more often than not, Boing Boing articles end up with this same image (which is at the bottom of the page on the linked article). Any idea?

This happens with BrooklynVegan as well. Any thoughts?

This bug is cruel to these young ladies…

Sometimes it’s amusing. I seem to get this on other sites too, but not all. I’m not sure if it has to do with the image name or some caching issue, but it’s pretty persistent.

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In the Brooklyn Vegan example, looking at the RSS feed itself, it looks like it calls out the proper lead image with the “media:thumbnail” attribute. Not sure why it’s pulling a random image at the bottom of the page for the Grid view (no image when the item is clicked and it has focus).

<media:thumbnail xmlns:media="" url="" height="1200" width="1200" />	</item>