Some weirdness with Reddit lately.

Reddit feeds in grid mode are rendering kind of odd. The grid tile looks fine, but once you click on it, it seems to pull the subreddit description, rather than the post. This only seems to happen in the reddit feed itself…works fine in the read story feed (also in grid mode).

Grid tile…

After clicking the tile…

And how the same post looks in the read story feed when the tile is clicked…

Update : It looks like it’s pulling the last comment on the page…not the sub description.

Update 2 : Actually…sometimes it is the subreddit description.

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No one else is having this problem? Pretty frustrating. Works great on mobile still, so the issue is only in the web UI.

Switch to the Feed view instead of the Text view. That’ll give you the same text as Read Stories.

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Oh weird…I guess that got toggled somehow? Couldn’t figure that one out at all. Thanks.