Some incorrect feed counts lately

A number of my less-frequently-updating RSS feeds are showing incorrect counts in both the website and the Android app.  It seems to have started ~ a couple weeks ago, but it hasn’t cleared up, and I seem to be finding more (or maybe I just haven’t checked those feeds in a while).

As an example, is showing 1 as an unread-count, but there are 4 unread entries (which seems correct) if I click on it:


Notice the dates on those stories. More than a month old. Anyway, it’s a known bug that hasn’t been dealt with partially because it only manifests itself when you don’t read the feed, it has unreads, and it’s just the count that’s too low. So you get to a zero count just as normal. I should fix it but it’s like the best possible manifestation of this kind of bug.

Yeah, it doesn’t really bother me, I just didn’t want a (potentially) bigger problem to go un-noticed :slight_smile: