Some feeds redirect straight to their site

When I open some of my feeds they redirect away from NewsBlur to their website. I have to hit back a couple of times to get back to my feeds. In particular, a couple of culprits are:


Having the same issue with GWS. Have to re-load the Newsblur page (i.e. via a bookmark/shortcut combo) NOT go back a page, as that just repeats the redirect to GWS.

I take it you’re trying to view stories from these sites in “original” or “story” view?

Just by how it behaves it looks to me like they’re running a script to make sure their site isnt being embedded in any other site and if it is they redirect your browser to them.

Created a html document with just a iframe pointing to their site and it did the same thing so that confirms it.

While I’d say it’s a bit of a dick move by them to just redirect you like that I can also understand why they might not want people embedding their site (shame they went about blocking it in such a bad way).

I wouldn’t have any high hopes for Newsblur “fixing” this since it really isn’t a Newsblur issue.

You could always browse it through feed mode and click the link for a new tab, at least that leaves your newsblur tab alone or you could try persuading the sites in question to stop redirecting your browser.