Some Feeds not updating

I’ve noticed a few of my feeds aren’t updating at all, even though there are new articles being posted on the parent site.

One site that I know about is The raw XML feed is showing new articles:

However, the feed isn’t showing any new articles for me (I’ve checked on dev as well), though the site statisitcs isn’t showing any errors:…

As a future feature request, is there some way for me to take a look at which feeds I have that aren’t updating or having new article retrieved? This would be useful for knowing which feeds may be dead or moved elsewhere with out a proper redirect.


Did you some intelligence training? I have similar problems after training.

I haven’t done any intelligence training for any of my feeds yet. Or at least not intentionally at this point.

I plan on introducing a “Last new story” date to feeds to show in the upcoming Organizer. As for why feeds aren’t updating but should, I can tKe a look at a specific feed, but it’s almost always because the feed author is doing something wrong (like publishing all stories under the same id) and NewsBlur sees this and merges the stories.

Thank you. If is because the feed itself is misbehaving, I can contact the site to see if they can fix it.

In the case of my problem the whole channel was not receiving any new items. The problem still persists with channel – some items from the author ‘Pavel Kovač’ are currently still not shown under my account (login ‘Cohen’) even though the item is still in the RSS channel and the feed was delete under my NewsBlur account and added again later. Now it is this item:

 <item> <br> <title>Recenze: Asus VG248QE: hráči, zbystřete!</title> <br> <link>
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <br> <br> <description> Patříte mezi fanoušky her? Chcete mít ultimátní plynulost? Pak je tu nový 144Hz Asus, který z her udělá nový zážitek. Perfektní plynulost, dobrá ergonomie a rychlá 1ms odezva! Jak si poradil s našimi testy?]]&gt;</description> <br> <guid ispermalink="false"></guid> <br> <author>Pavel Kovač</author> <br> <pubdate>Mon, 8 Apr 2013 00:00:00 GMT</pubdate> <br> </item> 

This item is now part of the feed but is not shown among other items under my NewsBlur account.

As I have written I am almost sure it is connected with the reimport of the feeds after some Intelligence Training.

Would be possible to add some option of really truly deletion of a feed? I.e. really delete all traces of the feed and any settings from the account. This would probably solve this kind of problems.

In the case of’s feed, it’s appears to be a bug on their end as it was reported in their forums a few weeks ago:…

For your information – under my account (login ‘Cohen’) I can not see any items in since 2013-04-04 even though I have seen newer items from this feed yesterday and there definitely are newer items in I am almost sure it is connected with the reimport of the feeds after some Intelligence Training.

Sorry, it seems there are newer items but the items are not properly sorted in the stream. I have overlooked them as they are shown after items from 2013-04-04.