Some feeds not updating (for up to 2 weeks)

There’s one thing that keeps me from investing in NewsBlur. Some of my feeds don’t work. I was expecting this because Google Reader also broke some feeds (more than I realized even, now that I’m trying other readers). Here’s my list for NewsBlur, followed by an example each:

Youtube:… (NewsBlur says the latest video was on 3/8, when Google Reader shows it current at 3/21)
Twitter: Some feeds are current, others aren’t. For example:… shows current at 3/19 in Reader, but only up to 3/14 in NewsBlur.

These, of course, are only my current findings, and I’ll have to do more research before dropping cash, but I hope you can address these issues.


I’ve noticed this as well. Specifically, this feed:

The only time it refreshes is if I manually “insta-fetch” stories for it, in which case it pulls in the last couple days each time.

On a slightly unrelated note: Twitter is discontinuing their RSS feeds when API v1 is discontinued, by the end of March 2013. Yesterday was the second “Blackout Test,” where all API endpoints were denied for an hour, which may be part of the issue. See the Twitter blog for more information on that particular RSS feed shutdown.