Some Articles not being fetched

Articles not importing.
Even when I select show all articles, I’m not seeing the artciles for DailyJS (

I know I added the site yesterday, and there was an article 8 hours ago. Instant Fetch doesn’t grab it.

Curling the feed url, I see new articles.

Another example is the Shoebox feed:

Curling it and in reader I see Newsdropping posted 7 hours ago, but it’s not in newsblur. (but the more recent Burbles article is there.)

(username: CDMoyer)

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Here’s another example…

Basically, Daring Fireball is only showing one story even with “All Stories” selected. There’s a dozen just today.

Ok, even weirded, notice that The Dropbox Blog ( had new articles on google reader.

Visited newsblur, it said it was updated one minute ago. they weren’t there. Clicked instant fetch, now even the one articles that was there (about new pro plans) is gone, and the new articles aren’t there.

OK, this is the third support ticket for the Oldest first behavior I implemented. I’m thinking something needs to change.

The problem is that Oldest starts from your mark_as_read date. That date creeps upwards as you read the oldest story from a site. So since you’ve read everything, Oldest first refers to the latest story.

Oldest first is intended to go with Unread only. I can set the Oldest date to anything I want. I chose to make it the date of the oldest Unread story. It could be set to two weeks back. What are your thoughts?

How about the mark_as_read date with the minimum of 24 hours. So you get the latest 24 hours, sorted oldest first. In fact, Roy just convinced me that 2 weeks is best, so I’ll go ahead and implement that.

So, Unread Only is no longer Unread *Only*?

see this comment from korg250 in one of the other threads because I am mighty confused now about how all this works:…

Unread Only should be fixed now.