Some Articles are Duplicated in this feed

I’ve just subscribed to and there are quite a few duplicate posts in my NewsBlur feed.

If you inspect the feed itself then there aren’t duplicate items in the feed and they all have GUIDs: view-source:

I’ve also seen this happen occasionally before with tumblr feeds, but I don’t have any current samples and it might not be the same issue anyway.

Looks like they probably changed urls but it didn’t switch perfectly. So long as new stories don’t come in duplicated, it’s generally not a problem.

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I added this feed for the first time today when I created this issue. Does this mean the issue is caused by other Newsblur users subscribing to the same feed and the blog changing URL sometime between the first Newsblur user subscribing and when I subscribed?

It’s related to the publisher changing something on their end. Let me know if new stories come in duplicated.


Will do. Thanks for looking at my issue for me!

Apologies for reviving this old thread. I publish an Atom feed where the story ids (ie the elements) are stable and don’t change, but the links ( rel=alternate type=text/html) do change. I have limited control over those links, sadly, and it’s difficult for me to keep them constant.

@samuelclay my understanding of your comments here is that NewsBlur’s de-duplication logic will interpret an entry with the same id but different links as different stories, and show them separately. Is that right?

If so, that’s unfortunate for me. But as long as I understand it, I can try to deal with it.

Yeah that sounds about right. It’s looking to combine stories that need combining, but if a story presents itself as something else, both get shown.

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