Solved: App iOS impossible to slide left/right title

Hello, from just a few days is impossible for me to slide left/right any article title on iOS app. So is not possible for me to mark it as “unread” or mark it as “saved” using this slide function that was very usefull. Someone could help me?

Thank you,


HI Andrea, I’m not sure what’s going on but we haven’t updated the App Store iOS app in a while while we’re working on the redesigned app on TestFlight. Add yourself to the TestFlight and you’ll get the latest experience:

Oh, and when oddities like this happen to me, I always reboot my device. Depending on how old the hardware is, that may need to happen more.

Hello, I have an iPhone 12 mini, tried to reboot but no luck. I’m running ios 15. Now i’m runnign ios 15.1 beta because I supposed a OS issue but this slide problem is just on the newsblur app.

Simply is impossible for me slide left/right any news title, they are like stuck. The issue persist on your beta Testglight app.

We’ll I’m stumped as I haven’t seen this. I also have iOS 15 and the TestFlight works well.

Anybody else seeing this? Could you try reinstalling the app?

Yeah, it fixed it (reinstalling). I was scared to lose my old stored data (the data that it keeps and I can explore only in offline mode, do you understand what I mean?) so I firstly filtered and read all the news that was pending and then I erased after.

All is ok now =)