Social has launched! What are your thoughts?

I don’t like the idea of double-dipping. You pay for a subscription. How you use the subscription is then all about the best experience possible. So we provide all the clients, first-class clients, you could possibly use. Android, iPad, iPhone, web, and someday WP8.

Yeah, I’ll add a preference for hiding “public” comments, so you’ll see a link to load public comments instead of those users’ comments. Though, any friends who have a comment will still be shown. I’ll build this soon enough, since it’s actually built, I just took it out in lieu of just showing all public comments.

Brilliant! Added in http:// auto-adding. It does it nicely, so when you save, you see the http:// inserted directly into the input field. (And the server’s doing the work, too)

Also, I don’t know if you saw it mentioned before, but to see the Community feedback module, you just need to finish the Getting Started module. I’ll be designing that better in the near future. I have some ideas on how to get users from new to bootstrapped.

  • As I mentioned below (for which you hopefully received an email), Community Feedback is there, you just have to finish the Getting Started module.

  • I cleaned bios of html, so now they can only have text.

  • So comments are properly newlined and auto-linkified on blurblogs. Do you have an example of where it looks bad? Man, blurblogs need easily accessible permalinks. I’ll make it if you click the date for now.

Everything seems to be fixed, thank you very much.

The Blurblog comments thing wasn’t really a big deal (I hope) since URLs and breaks aren’t very common on comments, and was only when reading them on

And the Community Feedback widget wasn’t too urgent for me (I can always visit this site directly), gladly I could reveal it very easily; again, thank you very much.

I made a new thread for this “bug”.…

Oh, this is the first I’ve heard you mention working on an official Android client. Great, if so.