SMBC + Bonus Drawing new posts don't show up for collapsed folder's Unread, there when you expand Folder though

I think the long title covers this, but in my “Unread” feeds when I click on a Folder to read it, I don’t see the “SMBC + Bonus Drawing” new posts. I see the “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal” main post though. When I expand the Folder (to see all the contained feeds) it shows that SMBC+BD has a new post and I can read it from there.

It is included in the sum total of new stores for that folder. Right now, I click on the Folder, I count 9 new posts, but the folder says 10.

Happens on MacOS Chrome 55.0.2883.95 (and several versions back) with a few plugins (AdBlock, Privacy Badger, RES), just now reporting it. Also happens in Safari Version 10.0.2 (12602. with no plugins.

On the iPhone app, seems to work as expected.

Is it because there is a + (PLUS) sign in the feed’s title? Is it because the other SMBC without the bonus drawing is there too or something? Is it 

Jay (aka jaym on Newsblur)

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Interesting. When I mark the main SMBC feed as read, then I can see the SMBC+BD. If I keep SMBC+BD unread, then go back in and mark the same story as unread in SMBC, then I can only see the SMBC+BD in the Folder Unread view. When I mark the SMBC+BD as read, then they SMBC version shows back up.

So something to do with that. But they do both show up in iOS version.

Any ideas? This isn’t solved, even though my followup post as a workaround mentioned.