Slow story loading with high CPU usage

Stories slow to load with frequent pauses (near 100% cpu usage) while advancing to next story. Using Safari 7.1 on OS X 10.9.5. Issue occurs on multiple computers.

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This continues to occur on Yosemite with Safari 8.0. It only occurs with some RSS feeds. Newsblur was working normally a few months ago and I have not changed anything on my end.

It is extremely frustrating to use Newsblur on my computers now due to the repeated pauses and slow loading.

It is faster to read on my iPhone!

Please fix this problem soon! Thank you!!!

Same problem for me - also started about two weeks ago ago. Always using the latest version of Safari and updated to Yosemite yesterday. Continues to be super slow. iPhone and iPad apps work great, but it’s almost unusable on my desktop

I believe I found the cause of my problem. It was the installation of Adblock Plus. Once disabled on Newsblur, the feeds started loading normally again.

Hope that helps!