Slow / poor UX in South Africa

I’ve been a Newsblur user over a couple of years - used in at least 3 continents (US, Brazil and now South Africa). I’ve been experiencing consistently slow / poor UX (e.g., not loading feed at all) here in South Africa. I’m probably in the 0.1% of users… but is there a way to improve this in the back-end? Thanks!

1 Like definitely shows some massive SSL negotiation times – beyond adding a CDN, HTTP/2 support would be a huge win, as would be using the same origin for everything (note that references and there’s a ton of stuff served off of which would see major wins from being served through CloudFront rather than direct from S3. also shows that enabling keep-alive would be a big win even if it’s hard to enable HTTP/2 or toss the site behind e.g. CloudFlare.

Not really a performance issue but also shows an important missing security update.