Slashdot feed title link issue in latest Safari

In the latest version of safari (and all previous versions as well) the title link for stories on the slashdot feed ( do not work. Clicking on them has no result.

On Firefox, Chrome, and MS Edge clicking on the title of the same stories opens the story in a new window.

This is the only feed with this issue.

This is the feed I’m looking at and it’s working OK.

If that’s the same feed, maybe there’s something else going on. Do you have any browser extensions installed?

Resolved! Thank you for checking. I forgot the first rule of debugging something on the internet (“Disabled your Content Blocker” extensions). Turned off my blockers and the link works as expected.

It’s an odd artifact that it’s the only feed I’ve noticed that on. Something about how that particular link is created must be different.

Thanks again!