Sites no longer appearing on left side of web page

I am no longer able to see the sites on the left side of the web page. What happened?


i have exactly the same problem.

Are you on IE8?

i’m on a MacBook Pro OSX 10.4.11, using Opera 11.10

Yeah, Opera was never supported. I’m happy to offer a refund, but I don’t have the time to spend developing around Opera (which I’ve spent hours on before).

strange, it works fine on my wifes iMac (OSX 10.8.3) using Opera 12.15?

Something changed in the last 10 days. Newsblur worked perfectly for months and then I lost the left pane half way through a day.

I am viewing on a corporate network so whatever changed is being blocked by our corporate filters. The question is, what changed?

I am on a HP laptop running Win XP. I have the same issue in both IE 8 and Firefox 3.6.28.

If possible you should update your browsers to latest regardless.

Good for security, and a better experience. I fully realize it is not always possible if you are at work for example, or your computer cannot handle a newer browser.

Being on a very restrictive corporate network and corporate machine, I do not have the option of upgrading my browsers.

This is exactly the same problem I’ve started having on Firefox in Mandriva Linux. Had been working fine until the recent changes. I deleted Newsblur cookies to see if that would help and now I can’t get logged in to Newsblur at all.

Has anyone determined the cause of this issue?

Michael, the cause is IE8, which is no longer supported. There are options for you: use chrome frame, an alternate browser, or upgrade to ie9/ie10. If you can’t do any of these, I’m happy to offer a full refund.

I have the same problem in Firefox 3.6.28. Is there a Firefox solution as well?

As I mentioned, I use Firefox so, while IE8 experiences this problem, it’s not the cause of it. I suspect it’s an issue with older versions of Javascript.

Firefox 3.6 is pretty ancient too, they’re on version 21 now.

Try updating, that’ll probably fix it.