Sippican Cottage new items not shown.

Sippican Cottage is one of my favorite blogs. Just genius. I see that quite a few other people have subscribed it as well. Last week I noticed that I hadn’t seen anything new from them in a while so I went over there and found that there was a LOT of stuff that never showed up in the NewsBlur feed.

I looked at their feed directly and found that it had all the stuff I missed. The feed details within NewsBlur is all green, showing no problems, but nothing shows in the unread items. I wonder if you might take a look. Thanks.

Blog here:
Feed here:…

Sippican would be a great candidate for your Recommended Site!


I bet you have it accidentally trained. Right click the feed title and open the intelligence trainer.

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That was it.

I never user training at all, so it did not even occur to me look for that. Apparently, some careless mousing while saving a story resulted in training instead.