Show Unread Stories in Title

I think you should show the amount of unread stories in the title (the name that is in my browser tab, I don’t know what it’s called). Twitter and Yahoo! Mail do this, and I think it would be a great addition to Newsblur.


There are three unread counts (as you can see in the top row that says “Dashboard” when you hover over it). Should it display the unread counts above your intelligence threshold? Say, if the slider is set to yellow, should it show (Yellow) (Green) unread counts? Isn’t that a bit fumbly?

Maybe no need for unread counts but some indicator that there is unread posts.

E.g. if there is unread yellow or green posts prepend star to title.

And also would be nice if icon changed (maybe another color if there is unread posts) because I usually have tabs with “apps” pinned on Chrome so I wont see title.

A count in the tab title or title bar in the browser would be great!

This is similar in spirit/intent to my request last week for a browser extension, in that one of (maybe THE) benefit of RSS is that the news comes to the user rather than the user needing to go out and get it.

There needs to be some kind of way that NewsBlur tells us there are new items available (and how many) before we visit the page, or in the case of David’s request, before we switch tabs or windows.

Re: the intelligence feature, why not just express it as x/x/x?

(p.s., I am researching how to write a Chrome ext. It’s out of my depth but I will give it a go.)

Great, if you write the extension, I’ll feature it under Goodies. Now, you’ll want to use the refresh_feeds endpoint in the NewsBlur API. That will give you unread counts for every feed. Hit it no more than once a minute. (One day I’ll just enforce that limit on the server-side and serve cached results, but that day isn’t here yet.)

I made this:…
Used Google Mail Checker as base.

It shows unread count but it seems that it’s from global feed instead of mine. I guess extension needs to login using API?

Yup, just login through /api/login. You’ll need to have the user provide their username/password. I’ll try looking up whether or not you can piggy-back on the existing cookies. You should be able too, I’d hope.

This is now deployed as a preference. :slight_smile: