Show unread only doesn't work in item list view in Android app

I have the app on a Samsung Galaxy SIII and a Nexus 7 and both exhibit the same behavior.

If I toggle “Unread” when looking at my feeds, it corrrectly shows only feeds with unread items.

But if I go to the list of items, either for a folder or an individual feed, it shows me all that feeds items regardless of read/unread status.


I would add that I have NEVER gotten the Android app to show me ANY stories on my Nexus 7. Doesn’t matter whether I’m looking at all, unread or focus.

Also, a similar problem to the OP, on my Galaxy Nexus, I only see unread items, regardless of whether I select unread or all.

Same problem on my Galaxy Nexus.

Same on Galaxy S4

same on verizon galaxy nexus on 4.2.2

Yeah, that Unread is not the same as a feed’s unread only view. It’ll get added to Android v2.0, which is now being worked on.