Show a single story at a time sometimes shows several stories

All my feeds are configured to “Show a single story at a time” and I move to the next story by pressing “j”. But sometimes more than a story is shown:

If I move to next (j) story then come back (k), the issue does not happen again:

With feeds with lots of stories (like Hacker News) is pretty easy to reproduce that issue.


I get this on occasion, too. I haven’t figured out the trigger for it, but I do think it repeats in a pattern basted on the brief testing I did last week.

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on in your screenshots, but it looks like you’re in Split view, which shows all stories. In order to display a single story at a time, you’d need to be in List view.

There’s a preference that will just show one story at a time in the story pane

Hey, thanks, I didn’t know that!

And yes, it appears not to work. Huh.

The additional stories show up after more stories are fetched to display in the title list. It looks like 20 stories are fetched at a time, so as you read your items (or scroll down the list of items, and it needs to fetch the next group of 20 stories, they are displayed in the reading pane.

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I am not sure I understand your explanation, but it does not make sense to me.

If you look closely in the first image, you will see the next story shown in the reading pane is not the following one (of the currently selected) of the list, but the third.

Stories are fetched and should be shown in the list of items, not in the reading pane - since I have the “Show a single story at a time” selected. And most of the time it works that way, but from time to time this issue happens.

Yep, there was a set of regressions about a month back that was fixed, but this bug lingers:…

Also mentioned briefly here:…

Yes, it does seem to be related to fetching more items for the list of stories. It seems to consistently happen when additional items are loaded for the list of stories, since I see scroll bar on that list change at the same time as the additional stories show up in the view.

I have “Show a single story at a time” selected in preferences and this happens to me sometimes (but not all the time) as well.

I keep seeing this randomly on random feeds.

Example just now with…

Single story selected, the last bit of which you can see in the story pane. It’s followed not by the next story, but the one after that and every other subsequent story to the end of the feed.

I’m currently using show single story, split view mode.

When I scroll the list of titles down and it loads in further titles the first of that new batch is appended to the story I am currently viewing.

Having seen this issue a few times in the last 24 hours and observing the symptoms carefully each time, what Ragnar describes appears to be exactly what happens:

  • load new feed
  • initial group of stories loads in feed pane
  • first story loads in story pane
  • read first few stories normally
  • initial group is almost exhausted, newsblur loads next group of stories
  • instead of just appending this group to story list in feed pane all new stories are also appended to current story in story pane

For some reason, this problem got much, much worse today. :frowning: I am now getting multiple stories all the time, rather than sometimes.

A summary of my settings:
* default view: feed
* default story order: newest first / all stories
* feed view: show a single story at a time
* story titles pane: left
* when opening a site: open the first story
* mark story as read: after 1 second

And perhaps relatedly, the story titles pane now jumps up and down erratically any time I switch stories, either by arrow key or clicking on one.

I just pushed out an update for j/k for folks with the story titles pane turned off. I’m about to fix the single story view.

Just deployed a major update to single story mode. It now shows an explainer instead of every story. It hides the mouse indicator red dorito. It shows stories *much* for efficiently and quickly. You should notice it performing effectively instantaneously. And I added a handy endear on the bottom of the last story (useful for those of you hiding story titles). Really a huge update, so I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if anything doesn’t work.

Working brilliantly!

Thanks a lot! It is a lot faster.

Just came to say thanks Samuel, looks perfect to me currently!