Shift-N keyboard shortcut does not jump between Feeds and Feed Folders

I use the Shift-N keyboard shortcut a lot to scan through my Newsblur feeds. However, it is not currently possible to jump between Feeds and Feed Folders. So say I have 2 feeds (Feed A and Feed B) and 2 folders (Folder 1 and Folder 2). If a select Feed A I can jump to Feed B and back to Feed A using shift-n, but I can’t get to Folders 1 or 2 without using my mouse. Likewise, if I select Folder 1 I can get to Folder 2 but neither of the two feeds.

I love keyboard shortcuts, so making sure Shift-n can handle all the jumps would be friggin awesome.


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I hear ya, but it’s too confusing to jump between feeds and folders without another special shortcut.