Sharing with Facebook broken


I can no longer use the Share Function along with Facebook. All attempts to authorize Facebook every time fail with security error. The German error message roughly translates as:

Facebook has detected that NewsBlur does not use a secure connetion to transfer information. NewsBlur has to update its security settings before you can use Facebook to authenticate.

I got this error on the Website, iPad and iPhone respectively.

In addition, the Facebook button is gone from the website, I only see Twitter there.

Any insights?


It’s probably because of the recent changes over the Facebook’s side. They removed auto sharing capabilities for personal accounts. Only Pages can use that now. I believe that’s why Samuel removed the button.


Can you expand on that? I am having trouble finding info on any such recent change with the FB API. Possibly I don’t know the right words to search for… (also FB really should change the error message if it is an API removal, right now it seems to be a spurious warning about HTTPS)


Here’s a link from Business Insider:

Basically they removed everything from the API that will allow apps to share automatically from a profile. I’m not sure why it’s showing you that error, maybe they somehow messed up the API and instead informing you about that, it’s showing you some random error. It’s possible because I remember they’ve changed it so quickly and probably missed things like that.

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Thanks for the link! Odd though, I’m hitting this same error just trying to turn on FB connection at all, so I could add friends from there


Ok, this took a bit of time to fix but I’ve gotten it deployed and live. Facebook removed the ability to share stories using their API on August 1st, 2018. So I hooked up a new dialog that opens when you share to facebook. You’ll have to share the story manually, but everything’s filled out for you and it should be easy.

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