sharing via email problem

sharing story via email doesn’t work. When I click “sent this story”, button only change color (inactive) for few seconds and window stay open.


This has been fixed. I pushed a spot of bad code when trying to fix the real issue yesterday. Let me know how it works for you now.

It works, thanks Samuel!

I seem to still have this problem… when I click “send this story” it changes to “sending…” and the little progress icon spins in the corner, but after a few seconds it changes back without indicating a message send (and without actually sending the message either, apparently).

Dear lord, I don’t know how this broke so thoroughly, but it’s been fixed now. Thanks again for pointing this out. Keep 'em coming!

I need to update that email though, since it’s completely un-templated. But that’ll have to wait a little bit.

I’ve been having this problem since the new UI launched. It’s the same as described above.

How do you share via email? All I can see is share via Google+, Evernote etc. I want to be able to share using Gmail