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I’d love for you to add as a sharing service for stories. Thanks!


I second this, but I’d go further. Consider integrating Micropub – which is now a W3C standard – into Newsblur. This would be such a great and useful addition that would, I think, make Newsblur even more attractive. With that in place, one could share to and beyond and also like, reply, bookmark etc and have those interactions go outside Newsblur much more easily.


Full Micropub support would cause me to migrate from Feedly.


Sign me up for micropub as well. I’m surprised that Samuel isn’t over on already.


Sure, I’d love to support it. What’s the URL you want NewsBlur to share to? I can have it auto-fill in the title and url. Also, for bonus credit, what’s the url of the favicon?

#6 posting API:



So would everybody have a different URL? Right now the sharer only uses a single Url for everybody (think of the FB or twitter sharing url).


Better late than never. Micropub is generally advertised as an endpoint, which might well be different for each receiving site. Would also need to authorise, rather like Twitter app. But if the user were able to insert the endpoint for the site they wish to share for, I don’t think it would be that difficult to implement.

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I’m bumping this topic because I’m still very interested in (Micropub) support. I’m not a coder but happy to beta-test.