Sharing on blog sometimes attaches to previous privately shared posts.

I recently shared a story to my privately-set blurblog. Someone else who is not a follower of mine, and whom I do not follow also shared it. Instead of showing up as being shared originally by them, it somehow shows my name as the one they shared it from.

This seems like it would be undesirable operation, especially since it would then ping me every time someone comments on someone else’s reshare and I’ve been trying to avoid listening to all of the random people complaining on political stories recently.

It appears that it is still showing up on global shared stories with my icon despite it being a private blog.


Oh interesting. I just added your account to Global Shared Stories. I’ll remove you and that should fix it. What’s your username?

Oops, sorry, I didn’t see this reply until just now. the username is Kazriko