sharing limitation?

Today for the first time since I joined I received the following message when I tried to sharing a feed:

Only premium users can share multiple stories per day from the same site.

It appears right under the share button

Is this new? because I always share a bunch of feeds all day before and never had a problem!

does that mean I can’t share more than 1 item a day?

please someone let me know


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Yes, I just added this. I do plan to relax it, but it was implemented in response to discovering a few dozen spammer accounts. I need a better way of determining legitimacy.

Right now it’s one story per feed per day. How many stories from the same feed are you sharing in a day?

sometimes more than 100…
and here is why

I have an account here because it was just like my google reader way of doing things…in terms of sharing…

I share so my husband can see them instead of going through my feeds and saving individual links to show him later…
So I share something so he can see every time I find something to share

Between him and I this a big deal…we are living in different countries right now and saving every single individual funny thing I find to show his sucks…
We have this between us where we show each other funny things while we are skyping… we have been doing this for years… you may even say it is one of the way we love each other (corny but true)

So Newsblur was perfection for me before you did this…

I will give you an example…
I have 9gag as a feed…, so, several times a day I check it…share a BUNCH of funny things and he sees it later when he gets home…while we are talking and we laugh and get indignant with “fails”

I do this for news and for whatever else is cool to show the one person I care to show this to…

I share things like… news, funny things, science things…I am pretty sure you can see what I have for feeds and well… I share them so pretty much only my husband can see…

this will sound terrible to say but if I can’t share it like I was doing there is no point for me to use this… because sharing funny things so my hubby can see is why I have this…

this really sucks because I love Newsblur and to me it was perfect =(

when google reader got discontinued we had a terrible period where we couldn’t do this and we missed it until I found you guys and our lives came back to normal… now I will have to find a new way of doing this because if I stop, it would mean that one of our (Mike and I) most favorite things would create a hole on our routine I guess…

just so you have an idea…since I posted this question I made account in pretty much every known RSS alternative to newsblur I found…and they all suck!

and right before you wrote back I was trying to figure out a way of using a website to do it myself…

in resume… what you did just ruined it for me =(
I just don’t know what to do now

and it may sound like I am exaggerating but to me being able to do what I described above is a big deal

people with spammer accounts ruined it… it sucks that me, a person who uses it here with a good intention have to have it ruined because of them =(

I found a reader that allows me to share so my hubby can have an account too and see it…like what we’re doing here…
but I wish here could go back to normal cause their ui isn’t as great as here =(

May i suggest going premium then?
For your use case any limit to sharing propably wont be enough.

I don’t know if this is how it’s intended to be used, but… saved story tags have their own RSS feeds, even for free users. So if you only want to share stories with your husband, you could save them with a tag and he could subscribe to that tag’s feed (I guess… I haven’t tried this myself).

I’m going to give it a try… I found a RSS reader that is pretty cool and lets me share like here before… we’ll see…

If you’re sharing that many stories, the intention is that you go premium. As I’ve always maintained, NewsBlur is a premium service. The free accounts only serve as an indefinite trial in order to boost you up to premium.

Alternatively, saving stories would work better for your use case. It’s private and you can even tag them.

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ok so…I would have to tag and save and then how does my husband see what I save? (never did this before)

Not sure how you’re saving, but to share you hit ‘shift+s’ then ‘command+enter’. Saving is as easy as just hitting ‘s’. Alternatively, right next to where you share is an option to save, whether it’s by right clicking the story titles or in the side options menu (train/save/share).

ok thank you