Sharing fails with the recent iOS release

I had an interesting problem with the latest iOS release: the sharing extension fails with a notification that it was unable to share the link but when I check my activity feed I see it did actually share it.

Hmm, that is interesting. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue though. There’s no confirmation, so where did you see the error notice? And can you reproduce it reliably on other sites?

So far it’s every site I’ve tried. They all share successfully but get the notification with no additional details.

This seems to happen most but not all of the times that I share something but one of the things I noticed is that I tend to get these in pairs where I’ll get the initial notification that sharing failed and 1-2 seconds later I’ll get a second notification that sharing succeeded. This happens regardless of which network I’m using so I’m wondering what there might be server-side which would cause that pattern of reliably reporting success on the apparently automatic retry.

Thanks for being persistent! I’ve created a ticket and hope to get this resolved: