Sharing control

When I try to share something (for example send to Facebook) it’s only posting the name and web link… Before was much better with attached picture and short description. Like quick preview of the shared story.
Is there a chance to get it back, as was before???

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Here how it is now:

Here how it was before (and it’s better):

I’m assuming this is from sharing in the iOS app? I’m using a new library called OvershareKit. It’s likely they changed how links get shared.

Yes, that’s iOS app.

Is it possible to roll back to an old library?

Sorry, that’s not a possibility. You might have better luck copying the URL and switching over to the Facebook app if you want to customize how to looks.

Ok. Clear.
Old way (library or whatever) was much better and convenient

I’m sure OvershareKit will evolve, and I’ll integrate the changes as it evolves.