Sharing a story isn't functioning.

When sharing a story, it just sits there and never shows up on my Facebook feed or on my blur blog.

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Can you see the developer console? Can you take a screenshot of what errors you see there?

How do I get the dev console to show?

What browser are you using? Chrome and Safari allow you to hit command+option+c.

I’m on Chrome in Windows 7/8 and sometimes Mint 14.

Here is what I am seeing.

The page at… displayed insecure content from….
[“Lost connection to real-time pubsub. Falling back to polling.”] common.js:210
[“Setting refresh interval to every 156.239 seconds.”] common.js:210
[“Real-time feed update”, “29723”, “story:new”] common.js:210
[“Real-time feed update”, “29723”, “story:new”] common.js:210
WebSocket connection to ‘wss://…’ failed: WebSocket is closed before the connection is established.…
[“Can’t connect to real-time pubsub.”] common.js:210
[“Setting refresh interval to every 187.276 seconds.”] common.js:210
[“Setting refresh interval to every 1747.502 seconds.”] common.js:210
[“Setting refresh interval to every 2200.046 seconds.”] common.js:210
GET… common.js:134
[“Real-time feed update”, “5312”, “story:new”] common.js:210

This is just a guess … but if he’s truly using the “share this story” function, then I think “sharing a story” in Newsblur JUST goes to the person’s individual blurblog, right?

It would never show up in Facebook because it wouldn’t be going there.

Which to me is a counter-intuitive UI problem, with all due respect.

But you can see in the screenshot the facebook icon below the comment box when trying to share a story.

I might be mistaken, but I think that’s just a button you can click upon to then also share it to Facebook.