Shared Story Counts wrong, feeds are empty.

This has been happening for months. Sometimes it is worse than others but is currently happening often again. Right now I have 3 feeds under the Shared section in the left nav that show an unread count. 3 people I follow/subscribe to (2 users and “The People Have Spoken”). Both of the user feeds have an unread count of 2. The People Have Spoken has an unread count of 15. However, if I click on any of those feeds, the actual unread count is zero/there are no items show in the feed. Refreshing the page, etc, does nothing. The only way I can get rid of the feeds from the left nav is to click the feed, see that there aren’t really any unread items, then click the “Mark All As Read” button (I guess that is what you would call it, there is no tooltip so I have to guess), then do the same on the next feed.  This happens on the web version and the iPhone version.

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How often does it revert to being incorrect? Do you have to wait for a new story to come in, read it, and then the count is wrong again, or does it revert nearly immediately?

Also, what’s your username?

Sometimes it is like that at least daily. Sometimes it doesn’t happen for a while.  Sometimes it happens with the same 2 or 3 users daily regardless of whether they share anything or not. I haven’t seen any pattern except that when the same 2 or 3 feeds appear day after day with a random number of unread items but nothing in the feed, then I start assuming there is nothing in the feed the next time those 2 or 3 feeds appear in the left nav.

I wouldn’t say it happens “immediately” because after I mark each feed read manually then refresh the site or kill the app, they aren’t back immediately.  They might be back the next time I check newblur (that day or the next).

my username is sirshannon. I just marked those empty feeds read, sorry.

A few hours after I marked each of those feeds unread, the “people have spoken” feed popped up again showing a few unread but nothing in the feed. A couple hours after that, a user shared feed appeared indicating 2 unread in the left nav but none in the feed. This morning, another user feed is in the left nav indicating 2 unread but none in the feed. The “people have spoken” feed now shows 6 unread but none in the feed. 

Third time writing this. If the site deletes it again, I give up: there are now 5 broken shared feeds in my left nav.

Ok, I messed around with your account and think I found the issue. Let me know if it happens again. And do *not* mark the feed as read if it does happen again.

They were all gone early. 2 are back now.

When I woke up this morning, those 2 feeds were gone. Nothing is in the Shared Stories left nav (which I assume is correct).

And they’re back. People have spoken (14) and a user I follow (2).

Just wanted to touch base and say this is still happening. I don’t think it ever stopped since the last post I made 4 weeks ago. 

I forgot to come back here and comment on this every month but this issue has never gone away.

Still happening.