Shared posts accessible to populate my website

From the RSS I follow, I share a good bunch of news related to my professional activity. I want to use these shared stories as content for the website of my company.
The RSS of my  shared stories page has an RSS that only allows to access 25 stories.
How can I easily access the whole content of my RSS?
In general the content will be retrieved every day a couple of times so the limit should be fine (but having it a bit higher, 100 maybe, would be better because some days there may be many news). The problem is that at some point I need to retrieve all of them, we are creating the website now.

Any suggestions? Any features on the roadmap that can help with this?

My website is based on Wordpress so if you know of a plugin for WP that can retrieve the content it would be perfect.

Thanks in advance

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The API makes this fairly easy.  Just plug in your ID to a query like the following and you can page back through all your shares:…

(using the “popular” account as an example)

Where do I find my ID? Is it a number or my username? When I check your URL I only get a JSON.