Shared feed


Is this possible to share stories and doing so generate a shared feed like in Google Reader ?



There are three big features I’m working on in the next 6 months: mobile, search, and social (in that order). It’ll happen, especially since mobile is finally starting to see the end of the tunnel.


That is just great !
oh, and please, include categories and tags in shared/exported feed. Google Reader doesn’t and it’s a real shame: you spend hours filing and tagging your feeds and stories and loose all this precious work as soon as you use the shared feed !

Thanks in advance

That’s a great idea! I’ll definitely put that in. It’d be silly not to.

hardly waiting :wink:

Hope social/sharing feeds and commentary is still at the top of the feature list–just discovered your site while looking for alternatives to GReader after the big G axed their sharing features. Your site looks great–I’d love to migrate my RSS-sharing network to you.

Newsblur could easily absorb thousands of the sharebro diaspora, if you can implement one-site RSS feed and commentary sharing.

Hi Samuel, Newsblur is really great, thanks so much!

There is much, much noise around the missing “social” features on Google Reader and there is a gap to fill. Please do it before a lesser alternative gains all the “sharebros” back.

I made half of my friends migrate to Newsblur and we all enjoy it. The only way to satisfy us all and get the other half is to add social. No blackmailing here, but I’d definitely buy a premium account as soon as social is available in Newsblur.

Just one more example :…

Sharing as feeds with categories and tags?! omg please do it. It would be like my own structured, browsable, cloud-based favourites folder. Integrated to a feed reader and a sharing tool, what more could I ever wish for?

I definitely want to be able to track what I’ve shared (and on which services).

I’m not so interested in a feed other people can follow, but I’d like to know:

* What stories I’ve shared
* Where I shared them (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
* Number of people who read my shared version (link click tracking?)

Just thought I’d show up out of the blue and let you know that social is a new big thing and you can easily get an invite at I’m planning to launch within the next month, but it’s fully featured now.