Share this story button not working

On iPad 3 and iOS 6.1.3, the “Share this Story” button doesn’t work. Problem not fixed with most recent NewsBlur update (june 4th or 5th). Tapping button highlights it briefly but nothing happens beyond that. Clicking on gear wheel at top of post and tapping “share…” option does nothing either.


The Share and Save buttons are still not working for me in Firefox on multiple computers. This has been an issue for me for weeks now. I can only Share or Save using keyboard shortcuts or the iPhone app… this is a chafe to say the least.

I’ve been getting this too… often, if I refresh the page (marking the current story as unread first, of course) it will work for me.
And I figured out today that it’ll work if I switch the view from Feed to Text or vice versa, which I suspect reloads the same things that refreshing the page does. It’s a good workaround, at least for now.

Yeah, this “fix” works for me as well. very strange.