Share Sheet crashes and option to display linked URL

When I long press a link and bring up the share sheet, pressing More in either the App list or Action list causes NewsBlur to crash. I’m running the latest version of iOS and NewsBlur.

Secondly, would it be possible to display the URL when long pressing a link? This may be a limitation of the new share sheet, but it’s a feature that I miss dearly. An example: I’m subscribed to the True Reddit RSS feed. The content of each item contains who submitted the story, a link to the story (frustratingly shown only as [link] ) and a link to the comments. In older versions of NewsBlur (and perhaps iOS), when I long press [link] the linked URL would show up. The current Share Sheet only has options to share via AirDrop, share to other apps or open in other browsers. The actual URL that will be passed isn’t displayed.

Any chance the Share Sheet could be amended to display the linked URL?

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This has been fixed as of this morning. It should go out in the next update, about a week from now.

Fantastic. Thanks, Samuel.