Several sites also showed up as a folder

Ars Technica feed has now been duplicated to also be a folder?


If I download an OPML file, they both say the same thing:

I am tempted to just delete the “folder”, but concerned that I might accidentally delete years of saved stories that I am 100% absolutely definitely about to go back and read very soon now.

Happened to me too with another feed over the weekend. I ended up deleting the feed and the “folder” turned back into the feed. You and I both know, you’re never going to read those saved stories. Rip the bandaid off and get rid of them.

I have several of these

I deleted one of the duplicate folders that appeared to be a duplicate feed. It deleted its parent folder, and all subscriptions in that folder. Can we please get an official response to this?!

thread name changed to indicate the broader problem.

I’m working on figuring out what’s going on, but just so you know, deleting feeds will never delete a saved story. Those are separate and will continue to show no matter what, even if you re-subscribe.


In case it helps, this is what I see in Chrome on Windows:
And this is what I see on iOS:

What’s your username? I couldn’t find it by Foose


Reload, you should now be all set.

Looks great. Thanks!