Set custom favicon for each feed.

Ok, so I tried reviving an old thread ( ) with this same subject, but got no response, so I’m starting a new one.

I’ve become increasingly annoyed in the inconsistency of favicons.
As you can see below, the youtube favicons are either nice and round, or have a square black box as the background. I’ve triede removing them and re-adding them to no effect. The two top globes in the middle column, should be the same green square with a “Y” inside it as the favicons next to them. I’ve contacted to site master, but no luck. And now Tumblr has ruined all tumblr RSS feeds with their own favicon ruining a lot of tumbr sites (Yes, even the newblur blog!). In the Right column, are the RSS feed of my class courses. My latest courses (the top ones) apparently don’t have any icons and I have no idea why.

Sam, you wrote in the old thread, that this would be easy to implement, so here’s hoping you will add the option to set a custom favicon, that overwrites whatever icon is currently used for a specific feed. (And of course a reset button, to set the default icon).
On top of this, it would actually also be quite nice to set custom folder icons. But this is not as important as icons for feeds.


That reply was three years ago, when it was far easier to implement custom icons. Now it would be a nightmare, as those icons are cached and stored on a separate server and have an entirely different pipeline. It would be possible, and since I assume most users won’t do it, I could probably just stick it on an existing database server. 

However, wouldn’t it be easier to just fix the Tumblr icon issue? Would anybody else like to see custom icons?

I hope this will be implemented, since it is not just tumblr icons, but a lot of other ones. So fixing the tumblr icons, won’t solve the bigger problem, that not all RSS feeds provide favicons.

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I wouldn’t put it up as a high priority, no. I would never use it. That isn’t to say others won’t. But I see many more features that have a higher demand.

It is something I’d use but it’s far from an essential feature.