Server Barfed, Counting Is Hard

For the past couple of weeks, I keep seeing “Server Barfed”, “Counting is Hard”, and the red “offline” bar at the bottom of the of the list of feeds column. I see this opening new articles, using the training feature, or simply refreshing NewsBlur. I’m not using a VPN or content blockers on my iPhone (iOS 15.6.1). Any ideas why I regularly see these error messages? Thank you.

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I’ve been getting it as well. I don’t think it’s the app or IOS however because I have also been getting 502 errors when I try to access the website.

Not sure why you’ve seen this for weeks but since Friday morning NewsBlur has been suffering from 10-20 seconds of downtime every 15 minutes. I’ve been working hard on it but can’t figure out why. I’m trying my best and will update soon!

Thank you.

Check the graph! It’s now been fixed. I found the offending user, who has 6k feeds. We support that but there’s some issues with how the dashboard works with that many feeds.

Sorry. Which graph? Somewhat new to NB. Thank you.