Sending links to "Reddit is Fun" on Android doesn't work.

Whenever I send a link from the Android Newsblur client to the “Reddit is Fun” app, only the story title gets passed (and appears where the URL should), which means the link is effectively not sent to the app. That said, link sharing on Nuewsblur generally works, and I have no idea whether this affects other Reddit clients or other Android apps. Also, I can share from other apps to “Reddit is Fun,” so I’m guessing it’s an issue with how Newsblur sends a link to the Reddit app, not the Reddit app itself (but what do I know?)

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We send the same simple title/URL pair to any app that can consume the ACTION_SENT Intent. Your target app must be expecting something more than the usual info consumed by other apps (we’ve tested with dozens upon dozens). If you can determine what other data it wants, we might be able to include them.