Send to Via Mail with full Content

Hi Team,

Finally I find a really good Apps which help me continue my RSS life since Google Reader gone. I have tried some others and I need to say I love Newsblur best.

I noticed the App has been added lot of new features and I am really happy your team is continuely improving it. However, there is one feature I want most and really wish to see it in the apps is about the ‘Send To Via Mail’ function. Currently the mail content only has a titel of the story & a link to it. However, can we have the full content added to the mail also? It will help others to see the story I shared from mail directly. And since now the stories are stored in local also, I guess it won’t be a complex functinality. Please try to help on it.

Once again, really thanks for your contribute on this app, and it continues my daily rss life. Thanks.

Wenkai Gu

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