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It would be great to be able to send articles to (like Instapaper or ReadItLater).

Thanks :slight_smile:


Just started using Readability - would be cool if I could send to Readability. They have free and open APIs to hook into.…

+1 on this. I used to use Instapaper but have switched to Readability.

Maybe I should send a pull request for this. It would be an easy dip into NewsBlur contribution! On that thought… no rush dude. :wink:

Doh, I see that you already have that in the master branch. Guess it will be coming soon then. :slight_smile:

This is now deployed. You can add Readability under Preferences.

Here’s the commit:…

You might notice something peculiar about this commit. It’s just me uncommenting a few lines. I wrote in Readability support over a year ago, but their API is now in a place where I can use this call. Has been for a while, too, but this slipped through. Anyway, enjoy!

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Thanks! This is cool!

Great: Thanks a lot.

What about using readability library on the stories fetched from destination site? Like READER PLUS for Chrome does.

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The Text view is something I have had planned for a while. I have it on this month’s priority list, so it may actually get written yet!

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