Send all saved stories to...

Is this feature possible? Basically you would be able to send multiple saved stories to pocket, or readability, or email - either by doing multiple selection of stories, or just by sending them all at once. I’ve got a backlog of about 220 saved stories that I’d love to go and read in pocket, but I don’t want to waste the time sending each one individually. Just an idea - I can already foresee some of the difficulties of implementing it however.


That’s one feature I DID like about G reader; that they aggregated your saved (or starred) posts to a URL. Miss that feature with Newsblur. Maybe a feature to include just for premium members?

I can provide an RSS feed for you stories. It wouldn’t be difficult. I’m neck-deep in a rewrite right now, but once I launch social, this can absolutely happen.


Hi Samuel,

Any chance of this being implemented in the near future? I now have 500+ saved stories (probably abused save feature when I should have been using send to pocket), and would love to bulk send them to pocket if possible!

Right now you can do this, but you have to use Share instead of Save. Save is meant to be private, Share can be public. Your shared stories ( have an RSS feed, which will do exactly what you want.

I completely get this answer, and that you’re trying to promote the sociality of newsblur (which I appreciate, and think is positive for newsblur’s growth), but it’s not really a solution to the current problem.

I started using Newsblur as a paying customer before the implementation of the shared stories feature (perhaps even before the implementation of send to pocket, etc.). This is why all my saved stories are in saved stories and not the Share Feed.

I’m happy to use the Share Feed from now on as the method of generating an RSS feed that I can export to pocket (albeit probably in a multi-step manner), but as I said that doesn’t solve my current backlog problem.

At the very least, would it be possible to move my saved stories to my shared feed in one-click? Or perhaps move them to the private shared feed so I don’t overwhelm anybody with a giant flood of stories?

I’m just avoiding having to click 3 times for the 500+ saved stories in my backlog to get them into pocket for easy access across all my devices, that’s all.

Script something against the API?…

Yeah, your saved stories are all available, just in NewsBlur’s story format. You can easily get them off the API.

If you want, I can just quickly write a little script that will share all of your saved stories. I’ll write it once and then if people are interested I can expose the “Convert Saved to Shared” functionality somewhere.

That’d be much appreciated. Once I’m more comfortable with the API (and utilizing API’s for that matter), I’d be happy to try some of these things on my own. Thanks!