Self hosted instance, premium features

Hi @samuelclay

I am testing out self hosting a newsblur instance on a local machine in my homelab. I was under the impression that by self hosting I could evaluate the premium experience. However, I am still getting nagged that “x is a premium feature”. Did I miss something while setting it up or while registering my local account?



UPDATE: I think I figured it out. For anyone who stumbles in here do the following for your account.

make shell
>>> u = User.objects.get(username='YOUR_USERNAME')
>>> u.profile.activate_premium()

@samuelclay if this is not the preferred way to do it, please advise.

There’s a setting in called AUTO_PREMIUM_NEW_USERS = True and it should be set to True.

Looking at the code it looks like I turn off AUTO_PREMIUM to test it and never turned it back on. Fixed, but yeah, if you have a non-premium account, your code in the shell will do the trick.

Also, I would change activate_premium to
u.profile.activate_archive() in the above since that’s a more fully featured premium. Takes a bit more disk space to store all those stories forever, but not much.

I also turned auto archive back on for all local users.

Thanks for the detailed response. Most helpful going forward. One other question, is it possible to import starred/saved items from another rss reader when self hosting?

Not yet, though that’s been on the priority list forever. You can do it in the shell easily enough, but you’d have to map all of the MStarredStory fields that you want from whatever service’s json export.

How would one go about doing this in the shell? I would be importing from inoreader.