Selected story in story list jumps backwards when pressing 'j'

Personally I read my feeds by clicking “Everything” and pressing ‘j’ to see the next story until there aren’t any more. Sometimes when I press ‘j’ the selected story jumps back 1 or 2. When this happens it appears to be ‘stuck’ in this mode to the degree that no matter how many times I press ‘j’ I will never get to an unread story. I’ve seen this persist across browser reloads and even tried logging out and back in. Happens in latest Firefox and Chrome.


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Gah, that’s a horrible bug. I know exactly what’s happening, but I have a series of timeouts and checks in place to prevent it. I see you’re using the River of News, which only uses the Feed view (as opposed to the Original view), so it’s not a complicated setup. Crazy that it’s happening at all.

Try this: use the ‘n’ key. It goes to the next unread story. Worst case, you can turn off animations in Preferences. But is this happening every time? Have you locked your mouse indicator (that little red triangle that follows your mouse)?

Oh “Everything” == “River of News”?

Interesting, no I don’t have the mouse indicator locked… what’s the purpose of that feature? Just to make the UI quieter?

BTW, I already had animations turned off while this is happening.

Thanks Sam!